Play Curses With Your Family

Curses Family Game


Itsagoodday presents Curses Game for your entire family.

Manufacturer:  Worldwise Imports

Price:  $29.99

Age Recommendations:  12 and up

Difficult Rating:  Moderate

Favorite Features:

  • It involves every player at any given time.
  • The curses are fun and the more creative you get with them, the more fun you will have.
  • Excellent for a party or just a warm-up for any event.
  • Ensures hours of good, clean fun.
  • The rules are simple and straight-forward.

Inconvenient Features:

  • If you get too many players, it can drag.
  • It can get a little too rowdy.
  • It doesn’t have an expansion pack or second version of cards, because if you play it a lot, the cards get a little old.

Recommendations:  This game was very fun. After a player completes a challenge card they can give a curse card to a player of their choosing.  When you are cursed you have to do whatever your curse card tells you, like you can’t bend your elbows, or something like that.  You can have more than one curse card at a time and it gets a little crazy.  It brings the shyest person out their shell.  A fun game for any occasion or just a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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