The Michael Oher Story

The Michael Oher Story

The Michael Oher Story, From Traumatized Homeless Boy To A Famous NFL Football Player

The Michael Oher Story – Michael Oher, who rise from childhood poverty to the NFL was found to show signs of CTE in the brain, which is a condition that can only be diagnosed by taking a brain tissue from a dead subject. He has been in an NFL concussion protocol since September 2017. He became more famous with the book and the 2009 movie entitled, “The Blind Side,” that featured his life story starring Sandra Bullock. The emotional film became an instant hit.

This is his story…

Michael Oher was one of the twelve children of Michael Jerome Williams Jr. and Denise Oher. His father was always in prison while his mom was hooked to cracked cocaine, which is highly addictive and can make its user highly dependent too. His father was murdered while he was in high school while his mother neglected him in favor of alcohol and drugs.

The children got little to no support from their parents. Because of his situation, he was in and out of foster homes. Most of the time, he was alone and homeless.

Coming from a broken home with less attention and sometimes receiving less to no care from their parents, he performed poorly in school. Despite his heart breaking situation, he continued to go to school. Michael Oher endured a rocky past.

Tony Henderson, a mechanic who used to provide him food and shelter, supported his application for admission to the Briarcrest Christian School. After much persuading, Tony managed to get him accepted at the school.

As soon as he got out of the hallway, he stuck out like a sore thumb. This was how Collins Tuohy noticed him. He decided to tell his father about the new boy in school. Sean got intrigued and followed him around the school to find out more about him. Much to his surprise, Michael would rarely eat at school because he did not have the money to buy anything for lunch. Appalled with his situation, Sean bought him lunch. This started the change in Michael’s life.

When he was 16, the couple Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy took him to their home and under their care. Although the family enjoyed Michael’s presence and found pleasure providing him a home and a family he didn’t have, Leigh Anne knew her family might not be pleased with the adoption because sometimes, they showed up being a racist.

Acceptance took time, but he ended up bonding pretty well with the couple’s kids. His passion for football started when he was in first year high school. While Leigh Anne played a major role in shaping him as a football player, he put all the hard work in reaching his goals.

However, he got one more problem to solve. Regardless of how hard he tried, he still performed poorly, which affected his acceptance with the NCAA program.

To raise his grades, he enrolled in a 10 day internet based set of courses from the Brigham Young University. Passing the courses, he was able to replace the Ds and Fs with an As. He completed some rigorous academic assignments as well before he was officially admitted to the program.

He started to excel in football during his junior year. Leigh Anne was incredibly enthusiastic about his progress and never failed to cheer and attend his games, whenever she had the opportunity! She was the catalyst for most of the progress in Michael’s life.

At the beginning of his senior year, he quickly became the top football prospect in Tennessee leading to multiple scholarship offers. He accepted the University of Mississippi football scholarship.

He had successfully broken the cycle of poverty, addiction and hopelessness that trapped his family. Michael became one of the most famous football players of his generation! He had inspired his fans to understand and see their challenges as opportunities. He lived one day at a time and did the best he could to achieve his dream.

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