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Why Are Women So Successful At Direct Sales?

When you think of direct sales, you would want to connect it with female empowerment and successful companies like the Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay and more. Most of those who joined direct selling partnerships are overwhelmingly women. Why? Because career life with a 9 to 5 day job often makes them leave home for work. […]

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Tax Benefits Of 1099 Income

The IRS states that the Form 1099MISC or 1099G are ways to report payment of services rendered but offers a bit of freedom for taxpayers. The 1099 caters to independent contractors and those working as subcontractors who has absolute control of the method of work performed. Being a 1099 offers more flexibility and the following […]

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Why Women Over 50 Make The Best Entrepreneurs?

Recent studies found that people who are in the age group 55 to 64 has the highest rate of small business entrepreneurs. The age of older female entrepreneurs is just right for innovation and entrepreneurship. They may not be that techy but they are clearly thriving. For instance, women over 50 know what they want. […]

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Why It’s A Good Day To Start New Side Hustle: How A Side Hustle Can Help You Retire In Style

A recent study found that money is the number one cause of stress among Americans. Americans are more anxious thinking about money than keeping relationships. Financial anxiety has increased over the years especially when it comes to retirement and outliving the savings. Definitely, money touches everything from snacks to housing. Do you sometimes feel fear […]

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