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Monat Products Collection For Blow Dry Styling Damaged Hair Treatment

Monat products collection – The Monat brand is the brainchild of a Venezuelan immigrant whose Monat products are focused on providing natural and botanical remedies on any issues related to hair care. Nobody can really know what differentiated the Monat products formula from the other brands, unless the results actually start showing up.

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The most popular Monat products right now are those that addressed the common hair problems of women, such as providing effortless styling, adding volume, enhancing the color and hydrating as well as restructuring hair strands. In every sense of the word, Monat products and ingredients are like a dream come true for many, especially the women with hair split problems.

Besides the amazing effects of the Rejuvenique Oil Intensive, Monat products also contained the powerful Crodasorb ingredient designed to protect the hair from the damaging effects of the UV rays. The product helps preserve the natural pigmentation of the hair with its patented high activity quaternized UV absorber.

The Crodasorb prevents UVB damage by offering UVB absorption benefits. The formula is focused on providing sun protection, including improving the combing properties and strength of the hair.

When infused with the Rejuvenique Oil, it nourishes every strand with its rich natural ingredients. Obviously, behind the science is Monat’s love to care for your hair.

We all know that direct exposure to the sun can eventually lighten or alter the color of your hair, makes it dry and brittle as well as surprisingly make split ends appear.

The supplier and leading innovator of the Crodasorb specialty raw materials combined creative chemistry so it can provide exceptional solutions for current hair care issues while maintaining its ecofriendly standard.

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This product is very efficient in stopping protein degradation and loss of integrity. It preserves the tensile strength and natural color of the hair.

For example, a woman with a brunette hair color left unprotected and exposed to the sun for longer periods of time may become lighter or reddish. If your hair is chemically treated or bleached, an exposure to the sun makes it dull, fade and yellow.

The cosmetic chemists and formulators of the Monat brand intend to develop a product that can efficiently overcome the limitations of the present ingredients used by the other brands and companies. At this time, the most common problem is the sun exposure and its effects on the hair health and appearance.

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We all know that constant and prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation depletes the cystine leading to damage of the protein structure of the hair. The process creates porosity and a rougher surface.

This is the reason you experienced tangling, frizz and breakage. The most annoying of them all is the breakage or split ends, because they will really force you to cut your hair.

Clearly, preventing the damage you get from the sun exposure can be quite a blessing. Although wearing a hat and using an umbrella can be quite a solution for the skin, it won’t really do much for the hair.

The Monat products and natural ingredients work to preserve the hydrophobicity of the hair. The Monat products do not use toxic ingredients and do not use animal testing.

To understand more about hydrophobicity, it means being naturally resistant to penetration by water. They are what we call as resistant hair.

The ability to resist penetration by water determines the health of your hair cuticle or the condition of your hair’s outer layer. Over time, as you style your hair with a curling iron or a hair dryer, besides the UVB sun exposure, the ends of the hair become more less resistant than the ones near the roots.

Porous refers to the ability of the hair to absorb water. This is the opposite of resistant hair, which has low porosity or is hydrophobic.

Monat products bring back the vitality of your hair by making it less resistant. With regular use, the Crodasorb component of the Monat product helps your hair achieve strength and vitality.

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