About Us

When We Started

Back in 2008, was originally started with the hope and dream to keep the internet clean and family oriented.  It was our goal to filter videos and allow only the highest quality fit for families and children, to be seen on our site.  In fact, we started to call ourselves the Clean YouTube…. we soon found out, how difficult that really was.

Filtering Videos or approving videos became a very difficult task.  Not only watching each of the videos, but choosing whether or not they were fit to be on our site.  We certainly under-estimated the size of all of this.

Original Video

Why We Closed the Original Site?

Purely because of the sure size of site it was becoming.  We were very new at website creation and knew that it was not going to be able to be maintained at the level we wanted, nor were we able to stay within the premise of why we started it.