It’s A Good Day To Celebrate New Beginnings: Changing Careers In The Middle Of Life

Your success and happiness lie inside you. When you can’t think of a reason to continue, then you must think of a reason to start all over. Get the life changing confidence you need and let go of self-limiting behaviors. Start spending time with the right people and keep your life as simple as you can as much as possible. Stay away from complicated and stressful situations.

How do you intend to change your life and begin a new one? Here are some things I can share with you.

Let go of the things you can’t control. Things became a part of your life because you keep thinking about them. Stop holding on to what hurts and make room for positive things to happen.

The trick is to never let the things you cannot control take over your mind and emotions. Do not let them interfere with the things you still have the chance to control.

Keep your life simple. Everything happens exactly at the right moment. When you lose, you gain something else. You may not like what you gain but it makes everything just easier for you.

It is a choice to accept and embrace reality with an open mind. Know that it is the process of change and the first step towards preparing for the new beginnings as well as having a new outlook of life’s unforeseen areas.

Hold on tightly to the good things so you cannot see darkness and failures. Use what energy you have left to pull yourself out of the pit to the way up. At midlife we do experienced crisis. When this happens, do your best to get out of it without ending in a mess.

Trying something new in midlife can be scary, but embrace the change and the good things that are ahead of you and you will be just fine. Live your life so you never have to regret your choices.

Good things come for those who work for them. Don’t be afraid to move forward. Change is a choice and nothing is more beautiful than a smile and a sigh of relief that you won with the struggle.

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Every step you take is necessary for your learning. What you are doing today is definitely a step towards a beautiful tomorrow. Take that breathe of fresh start and start again with a better outlook this time.

Although change can be exciting, the endings can be pretty scary! You should make the choice to take the chance if you want change to take place in your life.

Today, a comfortable and contented lifestyle is harder to achieve and maintain. Almost every person in this day and age seems to be working harder and feeling stressed about finding a better life that balance personal desires and daily economic pressures.

Do not let opportunity get out of the window. Work on your best laid plans and adjust your lifestyle. Understand that at the beginning the new structures for how things will be in your life are not in place yet.

If you are upset about the way things are, you should be patient and see how life course is going to get altered by a simple choice. Sometimes, they may seem more like the result of an unwise decision or a misguided action plan.

In midlife, you may notice that many of the benefits you relied upon to maintain a secure and comfortable lifestyle may be slipping away and leaving you thinking how to fill in the gaps. With this kind of situation, you need to make changes and face the forces that are threatening your future.

Changing careers in midlife can be as easy as keeping everything simple. You experience less pressure, stress and complexity with more sense of control over your future.

Here are some tips to get through your middle class lifeboat. Understand what is happening and the forces shaping the changes around you. Make positive changes and enjoy pursuing them.

What drives the economic sea change and how did it affect you? Right now 92% of the Americans define themselves as middle class, however, most of them don’t think it is easy to stay there as it once was. As the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, middle class seems to be decreasing at the of 5 to 6% per year.

Globalization is one of the key forces that is driving the changes most middle class is experiencing. The United States is now sharing traditional jobs offshore, such as the accountants, software designers and graphics.

A number of jobs are now being replaced by technology using robotization or automation such as banking, shopping and checking in for flights. With labor saving technology, companies gained more profit.

As one contemplates the full impact of these changes, it is clear that in midlife we might have to make major choices for major changes. Considering a change in career that allows one to enjoy a secure income and is considered as sustainable that won’t jeopardize health and security.

Let us make one thing clear. Sustainable means it can be maintained over time. Change can impact both health and wealth. If you get laid off in your 40s, then try getting jobs that allow you to work from home, such as customer service.

Another word for sustainable means affordable. It means you can live and work without depleting your resources and going deeper in debt. Because making a choice requires a lot of faith, you have to simplify and do some mini-sizing of your current lifestyle.

Making significant changes can be more on redesigning your life. For myself, when I retired due to my slipped discs, I shifted to telecommuting instead of traveling to work because it will hurt my back. The change was not customary and not ordinary.

You need to seek for a reliable source of income such as side gigs that would later become a business and serve as a safety net to fall back on. At present, there are plenty of virtual careers providing niche products and services. You may find yourself less established at the moment, but in the future, they will probably provide a higher income potential.

Criteria for a sustainable career

  1. Economic reality fit, strong income potential
  2. Personal reality fit, reasonable stress levels and flexible hours
  3. Skills or trainings needed, what involves and who it serves

Live simply. Find a less costly way to live and adjust your lifestyle. Step out of what is conventional and innovate more rewarding ways to live. These all depends on how much change you are willing to take!

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