It’s A Good Day To Make New Friends: Why Connection With Others Matters?

Are you trying to win the rat race? Here is one great simple tip for you. Win friends and influence people because the concept of winning is all about connection and influence. One study found that 85% of one’s success is due to skill in human engineering, which is using personality, charisma and ability to lead people.

The most significant fact they uncovered is the possibility to change people’s behavior by simply changing your reaction and level of interaction with them. Human engineering studies the capacities and limitations about how people respond to their environment.

The best way to explain this is to create a space with design driven analysis of the environment that would fit your target user. Clearly, the space you create will have a major impact on the fit between the user and the environment in which they interact.

The idea is to create a space you can control and manipulate the environment. Provide an environment, amplify its desirability, attract your target audience and engage. It should be an environment designed and constructed to provide what information he needs to carry out his goals.

For example. A stylist can influence a buyer to purchase a poorly human engineered product over one that is well human engineered just by the way he styles the package. That means, besides making it pretty, he needs to see the effect of the style on the products.

Your choice can be engineered. Human engineering should come first, then style! Managing the human factor can help influence behavior.

However, you need to understand the environment’s influence in making the right connections. Human engineering along with social engineering help you get your way with people in any situation.

Social engineering happens in small business marketing where you design the flow information I such a way that your target audience will come to you. Many studies have tried to know what can and does influence people.

Influence is a very powerful tool in connecting and networking with people that comes with many facets to it. Identify the methods you can use and determine how those methods can be used in your specific social media platform.

For example. The idea of scarcity is when you tell people something they need or want so they would most likely comply with a certain attitude or action. Many times the desired behavior is not even spoken, but the way it is conveyed makes people do the desired action.

1 13 - It’s A Good Day To Make New Friends: Why Connection With Others Matters?

Why connect?

We live in a world where everything is connected to anything. This means that your ability to deal with people matters when it comes to growing your business.

If you do not know and won’t connect and talk with others, then you should start at this very moment how to relate and communicate with people. The people who do best in connecting with others are usually the people who prosper.

Your skill with people determines how fast you can build business relationships and influence others. This people skill can help transform ideas into reality. When you learn their lingo and start to speak their lingo, then new connections happen.

Connect with anyone anywhere at any time depending on the kind of environment that you want to create. Once you found someone that practically meet the criteria of your target audience or target network, learn how to best connect with your lead.

How to influence people?

First impressions last so always make a good first impression with anyone. Although the clothes you wear matters, the expression you wear on your face touches the hearts of the people you meet and engage with.

A heartwarming smile that comes from within sells effectively. Here is one trick. Smile when talking on the phone because your smile comes through your voice.

When you speak in a cold business like manner, it makes people feel like just another business transaction. You must have a good time meeting people if you expect them to feel the same way in meeting you.

Smile at people you meet and they will smile back at you. You become more human when you smile!

You don’t like smiling? Then force yourself to smile. Act as if you were already happy to be happy because action seems to follow feeling.

When you connect, do not fear being misunderstood. Keep the goal firmly in your mind without veering off direction. Connect with people and move straight to your goal.

Set the right mental attitude. All things come through desire. A man without a smiling face shall not build a business. Your smile builds goodwill!

Learn how to remember people. Read profiles and remember their names and background. Make people accept you as well as appreciate you.

If you want respect, you have to give respect. Engage in good behavior and be mindful of your actions. Appearances matter and being considerate of others matters.

Make your connections feel valued. As I imagine what is happening in the world around us. Busy people tend to tell their hopes and desires to hair stylists, bartenders and therapists. Many live in a very private and even lonely life. Make them feel good and respected so they will come to you.

We should not underestimate the impact that others can have on your ultimate success. As I have said, create the environment and space that your target audience can thrive.

Minimize time spent with people who tend to drown your dreams and belittle you. Choose whom you connect and improve your business. Friends stick together just like families, but if they don’t, then move on.

Practice compassion and humility. Every interaction presents a chance for conflict. Remain humble. Conflict often arises when you believe your way is best and you react negatively to what others say and do.

Never argue with a customer. Learn the art of listening and let the thoughts flow freely. Life is about energy and when you resist or fail to forgive, you restore negative energy in your mind and body.

This blocks the flow of energy. You can never be fully at peace with yourself unless you stay humble. Keep everything simple and make your environment the space they want to hang out with for information.

People are not that complicated. Keep on smiling and make new friends every day. Connect and grow your business. Just be simple and humble.

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