It’s A Good Day To Create Time Freedom: Tips On How To Create A Life You Love

Surviving the challenges of this fast paced world is not easy. Most of the time you find yourself unable to breathe on the rat race and your situation is not even close to picture perfect. What an irony!

Of course, you have a good, stable job and a lifestyle everyone will envy, but because of this, you also lost your freedom! What is the use of having a lot of wealth without time freedom?

You may not notice it, but your day to day event be like just a work and an office routine. The only exciting activity you have or are going to have, if you call it exciting, are the work related parties and social calls.

Let me ask you. Are you happy being plastered to your seat and living within the four walls of your office from morning to evening everyday just to keep up with your desired lifestyle?  

You may be a rich guy living a rich life with a poor quality of life. Don’t worry. Shit like this happens. Draft your timeline and see what you missed all those years.

Face one of life’s realities. You cannot choose how you spend your time.

I got good news for you though. Creating time freedom is really easy.

Time freedom definition may sound like the freedom to live by and make your own choices, which means having the freedom to do what you like when you like. Imagine the taste of time freedom!

Start now. Discover what freedom your heart desires most. Remember, you have to work for your time freedom. It does not knock on your door with a birthday cake. Below are some tips

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Create small goals

If you are already living the lifestyle you desire but are unable to breathe, then I think it is high time to re-evaluate how you have been faring with regards to quality of life. Pause for a moment and stop chasing the money.

What I mean is to at least find some time to re-evaluate your timeline. If you want to achieve what your heart desires, write down your short term small goals and work on them one at a time.

Read, learn, upgrade your skills

Read as much as you can about creating time freedom. Find your passion and pursue it with all your heart. Upgrade your skills and get rid of the old habits.

It can be about any skill but it should help you find your way in getting what you want. You can also read about any subject that would tie to your main goal or main subject. Whatever it is, it must meet your goal.

Stop comparing yourself with others

One thing that can make you fall is when you compare yourself with others. Stay away from people that don’t raise your energy. Avoid being in a negative environment. Free yourself from other people’s agenda and don’t be available for gossip. Focus on things that matters most and stop looking back at past failures.

Sometimes it would be easier to say choose whom you hang out with. Choosing friends could mean choosing people who have the same energy and attitude like yours. You may be clueless about the impact of your friends but you may see some reason if I tell it to you this way.

You can easily know where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing and what your income level will be by the company you keep. The people you hang out with and keep will have a major impact and influence on your personal success.

You can tell where most people are going to end up in life simply based on who they hang around. It would be more likely that your income level would be in the same range as your closest friend whom you usually hang out and talk at the same topics.

Ready to make the change for the better? Evaluate your relationships. Relationships with friends are like elevators. They can bring you up and also bring you down. Every connection has its own value and some can be toxic. Choose the right friends and walk your path to success easily.

Here is a suggestion. If you are really focused on taking your business to the next level, associate with people on the next level.

Of course, it is normal to feel most comfortable with people who are like you, but this time, you need to step outside your comfort zone and spend time with people who can expose you to greater things with new information and higher level of living.

Keep in touch with friends or network

Share your energy and share your thoughts. Express yourself and build your relationships with your network. Don’t get stuck with old pattern and habits. Don’t let friendship slip because they would be giving you business soon.

Choose those who can bring balance in areas where you are weak and tap on their talents, skills and abilities. Maybe you aren’t the best in organizing parties. You can utilize each other’s strengths and win!

No one wants someone who is negative and down all the time. Be around people who are positive and put you in a positive spin on any situation. In other words, choose friends with a get it attitude. It is important to be in a circle who also operates that way.

Create a new lifestyle

Don’t stop dreaming. Create the lifestyle you really desire. It may not happen in a day, but it won’t happen if you do not work for it. Shift your mindset and behavior. Put yourself into the path of success.

Work your goals

Start looking for ways you can create or add value by identifying your greatest strength instead of thinking about your weakness. Start thinking who can help you scale that value.

Stop offering your time for free. Slowly cut your time spent on nongenerating projects and slowly build alternative forms of income. Take a look at your list of projects and activities. Pick at least 2 or 3 that can make the most of your time without killing you. Make money but don’t overdo it or you will find yourself lying in a hospital bed soon.

Many people aspire to become a blogger. Some want to offer services. What do you want to do with your life?

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