The Genius Of Direct Sales In The Age Of Social Media

If you haven’t notice yet, you may see that almost all of your friends are selling a lot of stuff as side gig in social media. From make up to house and lot, they are all selling something they love and are passionate about in their Facebook pages. It is not difficult to see the reason why a person wants to connect for the first time or reconnect with you. the reason would just be to simply connect with you or your wallet.

Some of them are successful quiet people who figured their way about running a side gig on their pages and making it happen. The direct sales industry has low barrier to entry. You can run the business online anytime anywhere.

Unlike a traditional job working with employers, the direct selling concept lets you work how and when you want just like you are your own boss. If you are someone who seeks work-life balance and more flexibility, direct selling is a very attractive option.

Joining direct sales is nothing new. Remember the Avon and Tupperware companies? They were very famous before and highly recognized top quality products. Top sellers excel because they leveraged from the professional network they built over time.

However, for those who just tap their social network may not receive as much traction as the top sellers. Another reason they excel is that they were able to make friends with their social network.

Direct sellers don’t message friends about what they sell and never push the products to them. They don’t even share much of their products on their personal timeline because they don’t want to push anyone away.

The products they sell may require a bit more of consumer education, which is one reason they believe the value of the product is not dependent upon the marketing technique. The technique is actually subtle social selling that maximizes interaction with customers through their social networks.

1 - The Genius Of Direct Sales In The Age Of Social Media

Social selling is an honest hard work made possible by first building relationships before making sales. Social sellers have a larger volume of new customers and better customer conversion compared to those who are not using social media for sales. In fact, a study conducted by Linkedin found that social sellers generate more opportunities and achieve their quotas easier.

Clearly, trust can be the key ingredient in closing deals over social media channels. If you build your brand using information, create the relationship and nurture the customers, then you gain trust and raise your ROI.

Currently, statistics show that social networks have become the key sales and marketing tools for most online digital marketers and direct sales. Research shows that 59% of sales professionals used Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other apps. Those who use social media networks get better results than those using the traditional methods.

Building and nurturing meaningful relationships play a key role in the success of direct sales. Actually, the concept of social selling is developing meaningful relationships focus on building one-on-one relationships while making sales.

The focus is directed to the decision makers, CEOs and financial managers. According to the Sales Benchmark Index of Linkedin, 98% of sales reps with over 5,000 connections often surpass their quotas.

Selling through social media platforms reach a wider market, attain higher sales numbers and close more deals so make sure you build rapport with your target audience.

If you need more brand exposure, the easiest way to get it is to create a profile on social media and share content about your products. It is the best free way that can make your brand accessible and personable.

Understand that if you only rely on personal connections without using social media, then there is a high probability you are going to get left behind because many people now turn to search engines and social media for information. However, never lose that personal touch in favor of copied marketing techniques. No one pitch fits all!

For example, Facebook live video can be a very effective medium in social marketing. With live streaming, the audience feel the authenticity that made them respond on an emotional level.

Direct sales people often make sure they create and curate content. They are good in creating strategic content that tells a story. Narratives are good when shared with the audience especially if created with them in mind.

Featuring a content helps support the effort while building deeper connections. The key that can truly align cohesive digital marketing plans and then amplify them at the same time is really the people behind them who work to build authentic personal relationships that encourages audience engagement and create more customer generated content on the page.

Social media is habit forming. It is now fast becoming an extremely important part of the lives of many people so do not ignore these audience. In fact, social media plays a lead role in shaping the shopping behaviors of consumers. The increasing visual content online influences people more and more each day.

Social selling is here to last a long time. If you are not taking advantage of the tools and technologies Facebook or Linkedin has to offer, then you just let your competitor lead ahead of you. Social engagement strengthens the person-to-person connection.

Think of the average people connecting these days to famous influencers. Direct sales lead the charge in taking technology and turning it into something that enhances the human element.

Learn to use social media for social selling and grow your business online. Imagine 3.5 billion social media users in 2019. Facebook alone boasts an impressive 2.7 billion users every month across their products.

Social media is a pay-to-play environment that gives you a little reach and engagement if you do not pay to be shown on the other people’s feed. Content supported by cash is a priority.

When you engage people in a platform they are most familiar with, they help you boost your content by simply sharing it with their friends. This widens your online presence and lets your customers know more about your product. It can be difficult to recognize what works but if you stay consistent with your content marketing for social selling, you will definitely gain traction. No need to reinvent the wheel though. Just play it cool and simple.

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