Why Entrepreneurship Empowers Women?

Female empowerment goes a long, long way in history. Most of the women economic empowerment interventions were designed to help and support new female entrepreneurs overcome their obstacles, which may include mindset, attitude and leadership. Most of these women usually face different limitations where one of it is the lack of access to financial and human capital.

Although policy makers are trying to address the needs of these women, our consciousness should be shifted to looking at small business entrepreneurship. Women should be motivated to look for side gigs or side hustles that have low entry barriers.

This shift in consciousness and mindset includes the preferences in selecting a good side hustle. There are online side hustles like selling shampoos and conditioners that gives trainings and technology solutions to their members. Ever come across Monat?

Monat provides women the product and the business skills required to make dreams happen whenever they decide to participate with the program. Because skill centric side hustles are hard to get right the first time, women should focus on simple side hustles like the Monat networking program.

On the other hand, financial access may not be that easy for beginners let alone to raise the revenue at a set time. To keep the personal savings account safe and separate, Monat provides women a website where they can sell the products and they do the rest including shipping. Isn’t that great?

The hurdles are even higher when we talk about getting funding resources. Of course, female led businesses are driven by a better understanding of different management and marketing styles. Women are more inclined to networking using social media.

Founding a business empowers women to visualize and create their own workplace culture that also help other women like them to thrive and get remunerated with enhanced temporal flexibility. The flexibility offered by the side gig economy offers clear advantages to women who would want to work around other commitments.

Women entrepreneurs are gradually increasing all over the globe. It is practically the path to women empowerment. Women entrepreneurship empowers women even in the developing countries.

If I am to ask you what you specifically imagine a woman entrepreneur look like, you would probably say a well mannered and fashionable pretty lady in a business suit. It is not that women success stories associated with networking do not exist, they actually are real.

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There are practically many women who made it from low income to a million dollar entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a personal journey of people who choose to struggle for freedom. Most of these women were even trapped in an abusive situation due to lack of money.

Those who never quit their desires to turn a side hustle into a business by somehow opening a relationship with customers first rather than closing a sale were able to dramatically increase their net worth. What I mean is that they were able to make more sales this way!

In fact, this business approach has worked for many women all over the world. Yes, the social networking strategy is fueling women from all walks of life to earn more and improve their situation. Choosing the entrepreneurial path puts people in a position to make their own rules into whatever way works for them.

You may have seen the way side hustles like Monat impact women’s status and level of time freedom. Side gigs are actually an important instrument of women empowerment. You actually can see women nowadays selling shampoos, cosmetics, clothes and everything else.

Entrepreneurship improves the situation and lives of women, which leads to self-fulfillment and independence. Empowerment nowadays is expressed in various forms and one of them is decision making with self-competence.

The entrepreneurial drive prompts women to proactively pursue their dreams of gaining tangible control over their financial futures and economic potential. Ultimately, women entrepreneurship creates a better quality of life and relevant skill advancements.

The concept of entrepreneurship is actually an art to help optimize women’s abilities and potentials so they can make a full contribution to the economy. It is relatively a new idea that allows women in all walks of life to utilize whatever opportunity they have for personal and economic growth.

When women choose to create a business and move forward, the family moves and the nation moves. This empowerment has become an essential part of the country’s economic growth and stability.

Women entrepreneurship and empowerment touches at least five components: self-worth, choice, power to take control of their lives, the ability to influence social change and access to opportunities. Definitely, these women are the decision makers, innovators and risk takers.

More and more women recognized the importance of improving financial and social status by defining preferred lifestyle. When women participate in economic activity as well as own and control productive assets, then it would result to reducing gender inequality and overcoming poverty.

While it has been a pleasant change, it never has been without their fair share of challenges. They succeeded to convince the world to allow the work to speak for itself and not the gender.

The deliverables of a woman entrepreneur are irrespective of their gender limitations. From starting the business, execution and marketing, they had carved out a well thought roadmap that only a well motivated, passion driven person can accomplish.

One thing leads to another. Women know that entrepreneurship is an endless process and as a result, they commit themselves and dedicate much time to learning new things including joining peer to peer platforms.

Women know how to turn their passion into a profitable business as it progresses. Women are very good with networking and with the right network, they actually create a very profitable and scalable business.

Women know how to align priorities and reach a synergetic level at work as well as at home. However, one of the most important factors in the make up of a woman entrepreneur is the support system.

Entrepreneurship creates an atmosphere of growth and motivates women to go for more challenges. The momentum is growing and it is becoming increasingly clear that women are now powerful drivers of development. Their increased role in decision making most likely impacts the economic development. Women entrepreneurs are considered as the new engines for sustainable growth.

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