Tips On Finding The Right Side Hustle For You

We all know that the right side hustle can open the door to business and career opportunities. Not only you develop specific skills with your side gig, but you also expand your network of friends. Let us face it. You need something that would actually generate income for you and at the same time, satisfy desire to work with your passion. Here are 34 tips on finding the right match

1 Find a side hustle you enjoy. Pushing yourself to work for more besides your day job can lead to a burnout, which is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by stress.

2 Choose a side hustle that is flexible. Choose a side gig you can enjoy doing without compromising your day job.

3 Find a work that actually pays and has room for growth. The primary reason you could be getting a side job is to add some dollars to your wallet. Imagine working on something that is not fairly paying off your efforts. Do something that makes a noticeable difference in your finances.

4 Create a list of your skills and interest. Create a list of the side gigs you like doing and see if they are a good match for you. Side hustling can be a lot of work so make sure you are capable of completing the task.

5 Be transparent. Tell your customers about what you can do and your bandwidth including availability. Think about the time and energy you can invest in a particular side gig.

6 Narrow down options. You know your interest and skills. Write the pros and cons. Figure out what you are passionate about and don’t just take any job to earn extra cash. When you selected your path, get started.

7 Think if it suits your lifestyle. Decide what schedule you can hold down with a smile. Find something that is either flexible or less consistent but more flexible.

8 Connect and network with friends and like minded people. Put the word out there by building your list of friends. Networking is one effective way to reach out to potential customers who already trust you. The more people you connect, the higher would be the possibility to get sales.

1 2 - Tips On Finding The Right Side Hustle For You

9 Set your goal. How much dollars do you want to earn in a month? It is always nice to know what you can do and what you can earn in a month. Explore income potential. If you cannot spend less, then earn more! Side hustles bring in extra income.

10 Search online for side gigs. You can work as a freelance editor and start a digital marketing agency. Leverage the social media. There is really a huge benefit advertising on Facebook. You do not need a degree to be creative. Just start reading and off you go!

11 Start a blog. You can create a blog and talk more about your interest. Let the people find you and take it from there. Over time, you will find the right gig for you.

12 Read more about side gigs. I just read an article about getting paid to pin on Pinterest. You create a pin, develop a pinning schedule and do keywords research.

13 List freelance websites where you can look for some work. There are plenty of them so choose the one that would really pay you well.

14 Love real estate? Try brokerage. Find lots for sale, but it and then sell it. You can also start with less costs by looking up properties for rental.

15 Love travel? Try working as a tour guide. There is a way to earn at least $60 an hour. You can set up a local tour for wineries, hikes or bike tour, visiting haunted or historic building and restaurant tour.

16 Search the internet. There are many advertisements for side gigs such as teaching English online.

17 Loan signing agent and notary side hustle. Retired people and working professionals or even students can be signing agents. Earn extra cash getting loan signing jobs. Get the proper training for the loan signing system.

18 Join employee referral programs. This is the easiest way to earn additional dollars fast. Search for companies that offer referral program. That would be about $25 to $1,000 per employee you refer. This could go a long way because you may want to turn this into an HR business later.

19 Flipping houses. You can buy an old house by simply using a contract without actual cash and then sell it to house flippers who actually do the house rehab.

20 Running Facebook ads. Small businesses usually do not understand Facebook ads. Running the ads for them can be like earning around $1,000 to $1,500 per month for a 2 to 3 hours a week work.

21 Video editing and graphic design. If you love creating videos and are good in editing images, this can be the right side gig for you. Just learn how to use the software and off you go.

22 Remote bookkeeping. Small businesses can save hiring a remote bookkeeper for simple data entry tasks. Accountants charged very high fees for this.

23 Build a strong social media presence. See how people respond to your posts. Leverage on word of mouth marketing.

24 Think and act like a full time entrepreneur. Set the proper mindset of entrepreneurship. Seize any opportunities that may come your way.

25 Read. Never start a side hustle without reading and getting more information about it. Always prioritize learning.

26 Find a side hustle that generates revenue quickly. Pursue the ones being offered by established industries with real testimonials coming from people making money out of it.

27 Find a side hustle that won’t need huge capital to start. Low entry side hustles are most welcome in this stage. Be patient. Establish your brand first.

28 No capital? Try caregiving. If you have the knack to take care of old people, then this is for you. Take care of the elderly or disabled people. If this turns into a full time business, you can even run a small home for the aged.

29 Party planner or wedding planner. This is low cost but you need to have the right connections for the packages.

30 Web design. If you have time to do some reading and learn web design or even just WordPress, then you can charge a few dollars to maintain small businesses’ websites.

31 Marketing side hustle. Creative? Build a profitable marketing side hustle.

32 Paid search Adwords set up. Optimizing paid ad campaigns can be a good side gig. Online entrepreneurs pay well so they show up on Google searches.

33 Creating banner ads. If you like to tweak images and do one sentence or two sentences copywriting, then this is for you.

34 Paid influencer. If you love the limelight and are happy talking to people and camera, then this is for you. Being a paid influencer is another marketing strategy you can easily adapt and join.

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