Guide To Selling Monat On Social Media

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Guide To Selling Monat On Social Media

Guide To Selling Monat On Social Media – You can start your Monat business online and become a Market Partner for as low as $99 with a yearly renewal fee of $49.99. You will be given a stand alone starter kit and business product pack that contains about 35 samples, which you can give and share with your selected social media connections.

Effectively sell your products on social media by making your potential customers see their needs reflected in the solutions and stories you share with them. This would mean knowing more about your products and sharing their benefits with a call to action.

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The social media is where you can actively engage your customers by sharing Monat product samples. However, the post you share about the products should offer insights about the benefits they get whenever they decide to use the product.

Plan your content. Identify the story you are going to share. Choose the images and the videos. Highlight a specific product or benefit.

Make sure each post contributes to the overall theme of your Facebook posts or Twitter tweets. You should not deviate from your overall theme so your target audience stays with you and follows your posts.

Look for trends and stories over the internet. Curate and customize the news or ideas for your personal sharing.

Never manipulate people to buy from you. Speak their language and they will understand and start to engage with you.

Create a content that addresses a specific problem and then try to address the challenge in a series of posts before you make them buy. Never over sell!

Explore ways that you can promote and share Monat products without really selling Monat. The goal is to build awareness and make them engage on your post so they can ask questions or compare results.

Keep in mind that social media is the platform you use to connect and build awareness so they would click through your website and perform your call to action!

Social media is not the right platform or place to sell. Now, you are tongue tied, because I am sure you are convinced that selling Monat products on Facebook and Twitter would give you paying customers.

Do not expect huge conversions to happen on these social media platforms. Although they are trying to make it look that way, your website is still the best place where you convert potential leads. The main reason Monat gives you a website as part of the partnership.

Basically, in social media you share ideas, product knowledge and anything related but never sell. This being said, it is imperative that you maintain and keep your relationships with your customers.

Logically, it is not advisable to run the same promotion, over and over, month after month. Give it an end date. Measure and tweak what’s the best catch for your audience.

Selling starts by sharing awareness. Make them know you are there. Provide an open way for these potential leads to connect with you at a deeper level.

Giving some humor to your post may brighten up any one’s day. Try this “When was the last time you heard: The more you wash your hair, the better it gets?”

That’s the Monat’s way, right? It gives us just the opposite of what we already traditionally know might happen.

You can build awareness without being too serious about sales! Don’t make your page too monotonous that people will just skip on it.

You don’t have to worry selling Monat because the ingredients are all proprietary and carefully tested. The products are naturally based, pH balanced and suited for all skin and hair types.

Selling Monat is just like helping the Monat family. Think of it like a family business. They offer the highest quality standards with safe ingredients. There has never been an easier way to sell and share Monat products. Go for it and we will teach how as you go with your social media shares!

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