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Monat Hair Rescue – As we grow older, drastically bleaching and dyeing our hair, even in a professional salon setting and regardless if you use the services of a hair stylist, can make the hair follicles porous and filled with tiny holes. Although hair dyeing does not inhibit hair growth, it can very well cause damaged hair that often always lead to a hair loss problem or hair shedding.

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Hair shedding occurs as a result of the rubbing and combing during the hair dyeing procedure. The process often results in a temporary hair loss called telogen effluvium, which develops when a large percentage of the hair follicles enter the resting phase and remain there for an extended period of time.

The factors that usually contribute to telogen effluvium are high stress and anxiety, poor diet and excessive heat styling or over styling. The symptom of temporary hair loss usually happens at the top of the scalp.

An individual is likely having a telogen effluvium problem if hair shedding happens to be more than 6 months. Although it becomes noticeably thin, the person does not lose all the hair.

Apparently, over time, there can be an increase hair shedding followed by unexplainable hair thinning. You may have noticed more hair falls out when you wash or brush your hair. This is called shedding.

Telogen usually affects the entire scalp of women about 30 to 60 years of age. Nothing can be done to stop and prevent the physical shock that may start the telogen effluvium. All you have to do is see a medical professional when you experience an excessive hair loss or see the obvious patches on your scalp.

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Women who colored their hair from brunette to blonde may notice the need for less haircuts, including shortening of the hair. We all know that hair dyes work to lighten hair many levels less than its natural color and contain a very high percentage of peroxide.

The peroxide helps remove the eumelanin pigments present at the hair shaft and replace it with the blonde color. Weathering may happen. The end of the hair shaft breaks due to the accumulation of most cuticle disruption.

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If you happen to bleach your hair to a very light color from a very dark color, it can weaken the hair shaft to the point that it will break and result in the occurrence of alopecia. It is a temporary condition of course, until the hair regrows.

Hair dyes create hair damage, breakage and temporary hair loss. Treatment recommendations can be as simple as picking a darker shade and no more hair lightening colors.

Have you just had an over stressed and damage hair? If it feels brittle and looks very dry, especially when split ends seem to be constantly appearing, you may need the Monat hair rescue formula.

The Monat hair care line can provide you a 360 degree approach in renewing hair strength and targeting the damage. Its Fiber Rescue has a state of the art restructuring ingredient designed to reconstruct every strand of your hair.

The Fiber Rescue is what its name is. It rebuilds and strengthens hair. The ingredient is exclusive to Monat only. Fiber Rescue uses a hydrolyzed plant lipoprotein technology that works to reconstruct the hair strand from the root to the tip.

This is quite a 360 degree approach in reversing hair damage and restoring it to its pre-damaged state. The line dramatically improves hair elasticity while preventing breakage as it transforms the tresses.

This new hair care formula for very dry and damaged air offers deep cleansing and moisturizing as well as reverses the signs of damage caused by the harsh chemicals during hair coloring. It can instantly hydrate and improve bounce and shine. In short, you can manage your hair better with the Monat hair Fiber Rescue!

Monat Hair Rescue

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