Monat Rejuva beads – Revive and Revitalize

REJUVABEADS 500x438 1 - Monat Rejuva beads - Revive and Revitalize

Revive and Revitalize – Rejuva beads

Customer Review

I have long hair. It is on the fine side, but I have lots of it. My hair was going through an unhealthy stage where it just didn’t look like it should. I had been trying all kinds of different products, including some of the most expensive brands you can buy at beauty supply stores — all without much success or the change I was looking for. My ends were dry and brittle and some breakage. It was also very flat and dull. I had a friend and colleague that introduced me to Monat. I tried Monat in hopes to help these issues. I have been pleasantly surprised with the restoration that has taken place. My hair has strengthened and is so much healthier and with the use of the rejuva beads, my ends are not dry and splitting. I have been using the revive and revitalize shampoo and conditioner. The revive shampoo and revitalize conditioner is used primarily for volume, however it has all of the extras that make it transform hair into better, more healthy hair. The shampoo cleanses so well and the conditioner leaves my hair light and full. It has done more than add volume. It has made my hair healthier all around. It is a lot more manageable and it feels so soft. The shampoo and conditioner smell fresh and good and the rejuva beads are like miracle workers. It really works! You can visibly see a difference in my split ends. You take the cream and put it on the ends of your damp hair, and let it dry naturally or with a blow dryer and it actually fixes the broken, split ends. The more I use it, the better my ends are becoming. I have been so impressed with these products. I have never had anything transform my hair like Monat products have. I am so excited to try more!

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