List Of “Must Dos” When Starting A New Side Hustle

Side hustles do not require a specialized skill set and not even a big amount of investment money to start with. The best passive income model can be just anything you can conveniently do in your spare time. From picking up trash to online coaching, each of the project has the potential to earn you money whenever you are in the mood for an extra work.

Realize the importance and the incredible impact a side gig could give you. Indeed, the world provides endless possibilities of side hustles that you may be good at or love to start and learn about.

Step 1: List your hobbies and skills. Know what you really love doing. Write everything you are good at and can earn money doing it as a side hustle.

Step 2: Select at least 1 or 2 items from the list. Narrow it down. Think which one you have the capability and capacity of doing with the most amount of time without getting bored or even becoming overwhelmed because you love what you do.

Step 3: Make some research about your potential side gig. If you want to earn extra cash in a month without messing up your day job, try to do some research how the task can be done during your spare time.

Step 4: Connect with people who are into that side hustle. Do you want to start something on your own? Connect and start to network with people that matters. The more you do, the more opportunities you discover.

Step 5: Go online and seek like minded people. If you think you are not living your best life, then determine what is the root of your rut. Simply bring more like minded people into your life and share ideas or something that can give more meaning in your efforts in pursuing a side hustle.

1 17 - List Of “Must Dos” When Starting A New Side Hustle

Step 6: Create social media accounts for self promotion. Test the water of social media marketing. Create your profile. Focus on the ones that you are great at. Focus on free and low initial investment but can yield you good money for the number of hours put in.

Step 7: Make a list of the popular side hustles you would be happy working with in your free time, such as bookkeeping, social media marketing, content marketing or being a virtual assistant. You may want to sell affiliate products through your social media network.

Step 8: Check the competition. Make sure your side hustle can turn into a full time business without taking on debt.

Step 9: Check if your chosen side gig does not define the “conflict of interest” restriction of your day job. Whatever you do, do not mess up with your main bread and butter! Check your company’s policy.

Step 10: Start your side hustle but keep your day job. Build your self-employment income while still enjoying the security of your day job. Although it creates a career changing opportunity, it may not happen overnight.

Step 11: Inform your partner and your family about your new side hustle. Your strong drive may take some of your attention and precious time away from your family. Although this is a stepping stone towards building a long term business, you should let them understand what sort of side gig you are into.

Step 12: Create a good work-life balance. Relationships are important. You should not let go of the important people who loves you.

Step 13: Avoid making mistakes and if you do, learn from them.

Step 14: Focus on what you do best. That’s where the side hustle extra income comes into play in your life.

Step 15: Prepare for the long haul. Even the best product won’t take you far if you lack the determination and genuine interest in getting through what you started.

Step 16: Evaluate the first side gig you tested if it is something for you and if it is worth spending time with.

Step 17: Develop a system to make your work easier.

Step 18: Learn more skills about how to be the best you can be with your side hustle.

Step 19: Make sure you create a solution to a problem so people will look for your service or product.

Step 20: Find a unique value proposition. Your value proposition can put you in a serious competitive advantage. That advantage makes your customers choose you.

Step 21: Define your goals. Dream big. Aim for the best.

Step 22: Set milestones and organize your action plan. Do not get overwhelmed.

Step 23: Delegate or outsource work that you have difficulty doing but is necessary in completing the project.

Step 24: Make sure you still do an excellent job in your day job. Avoid getting fired while your side hustle is still a side hustle.

Step 25: Find leads and grow your customer database.

You can grow your cash flow for a decent chance of success by attracting more customers.

Step 26: Transform your side hustle into a full time business. Regardless of how rewarding your day job may be, becoming fully self-employed is more meaningful and exciting than great pay.

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship and finding the best side hustle is truly worth every effort. I think every one knows that two of the most affordable side hustles can be promoting a product like the Monat and building a blog like this one.

You earn a commission when you push affiliate links on your blog. From there, learn which tools you can use to accelerate the pace of the work or find out which social media app your target audience is hanging out.

Working a full time job and working on your alternative outlet can be overwhelming. Struggle can be real. So, be persistent and stay consistent as well as calm with everything you do.

Thinking about making some extra cash? You are not alone. Many people have been quite profitable with their side hustle. The key is learning and upgrading your skills.

A highly rewarding side hustle can boost your finances. It may seem intimidating at first. Don’t worry. You will build your self-confidence as you go build your system.

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