Meet The Next Gen Entrepreneurs: They’re All Over 45

Looking to find a job at age 45? You might get devastated when your potential employer chooses the younger guy standing next to you. Most people say younger is better because older is slow and less energetic. However, wisdom and experience come with age. The older you are, the better you know about things and people. Connections are awesome!

In fact, research says older age is a predictor of entrepreneurial success. That’s right. The truth is that when a 45 something starts a business, they are most likely to succeed. Age helps!

These people have actually learned from actual life experience. From buying a house to handling stress in raising a family and balancing work, they got it all and survived.

Real world experience combined with learning helps older entrepreneurs identify business opportunities. In fact, the mean founder age for new ventures is 45 and that the reported successful entrepreneurs are the middle aged people and not the young ones.

It’s never too late to get rich. Just keep on doing the good work and you will get there. Keep in mind that doubt can be a blessing but having too much of it results in negativity. Middle aged entrepreneurs know better how to refine the idea and make anything business ready.

Most successful entrepreneurs value money as much as they value their ideas. Regardless where you get the source of your startup funds, you have to take care of that money with respect.

There is the need to be transparent with seed investors and build trust to the next level. Middle aged entrepreneurs are really good in tracking and monitoring their expenses. At least, their focus is in growing the business and not spending for luxury items anymore.

Succeeding in this journey requires determination, patience, hard work, belief in the vision and perseverance. Most young people lack these basic characteristics. The middle aged entrepreneurs developed these traits as they went through the journey of life.

I am telling you now. When it comes to starting a business, age is not the key. For example, according to one study about 32% of startups under 45 expressed their difficulty in obtaining the necessary licenses to operate the business while only 23% of older ones did.

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Another thing is taking a loan. About 21% of those who are under 45 said they had difficulty applying for loans while only 14% of those over 45 did.

The benefits of having an older entrepreneur can be greater management, marketing and finance experience in addition to their knowledge of the industry. Also, they have larger social networks and financial resources rather than the younger ones.

With their work experience and people interaction experience, you cannot deny they are better with persuasion and explaining the concept of what they sell and do. Although there are many factors and advantages about middle aged entrepreneurship, the work experience plays a critical role.

Another record breaking information that may give you an idea. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Larry Page growth rates of their businesses in terms of market capitalization peaked when they reached middle aged. Their entrepreneurial lifestyle is focused on the pursuit of their passion and excellence.

Most middle aged entrepreneurs view the business as a path to financial independence with flexible work-life balance. With so many non-traditional means to start a business like being a social media influencer, middle aged entrepreneurship seems to be a good idea.

In this century, you have to be really good to beat the giants of the world or even gain a part of their market pie. It is important to know the demographics and psychographics of your target market. Most of all, you need to know the communication style preferred by your audience and specifically their buying process.

Middle aged entrepreneurs have the right mindset and authority to persuade their audience to buy a specific product or service. Know that most people respond to those they perceive as like themselves. That is why you need to create unique messages, which would in a way show some similarity between the source and receiver.

The key is to mimic these preferences, which 45 above people are really good at. Mimicking preferences can help you connect with and persuade more audience to follow and trust you.

People often used the self-reference criteria, which uses their own perceptions and choice criteria to determine what is important. With the social media network these 45 and over 45 entrepreneurs have, it would be easier to tell they already got the like minded people within their circle.

Self-reference criteria could be an unconscious process and truly some are not even aware of it. With the business engineering of shaping the products around the unique and particular needs of the target audience. 45 above entrepreneurs know how to exactly fashion the marketing materials and the products in a way that it is configured to the needs of the customers.

45 entrepreneurs know more about the congruence between the brand personality and the consumers’ self-concept that tends to be the vehicle of self-expression. They very well understand the factors that influence congruence.

The age of experience is driving both social and economic change worldwide. The entrepreneuring seniors are designing their way into the nontraditional businesses by building an ecosystem of innovative collaborations.

The middle aged entrepreneurs do not chase the money anymore at that age but instead, tend to seek a more fulfilling path by doing what they like and what they are passionate about.

Age indeed predicts success, because of experience, which is one factor in finding and working out successful ventures. Everything always tied to experience. For most entrepreneurs, starting a business is a breathing work of passion, which is one reason they succeed. The passion keeps them going!

Transforming a passion into a paying work can stir a lot of things. For example, passion is where we go to quiet anxiety but it is also how we thrive and survive in a cutthroat economy. When you are motivated to work on a project because of passion, you always excel!

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