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How Entrepreneurship Contributes To Economic Growth

The entrepreneurs are the most important players in the modern economy. Considered as innovators and risk takers, they provide the engine of economic growth. However, small businesses often fade away under the weight of its own efficiency. As you can see, these entrepreneurs exploit untried technological possibilities in producing a certain commodity that revolutionized the […]

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Direct Sales Related Stats That Relate Directly To Your Key Demographic

Your target customer key demographic can either make or break your marketing strategy because developing the right classifications can absolutely help design the right content marketing materials plus offering to the specific group segment you are trying to attract. Demographic classifications can be gender, ethnicity, age, education, employment status, location, marital status and many more […]

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Current Trends In Direct Sales

Keeping up your day to day marketing tactics and analytics can’t be that difficult only if you know how to identify the market trends of your specific industry for long term business planning. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to move with the ever changing times and align the general direction of your […]

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