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A Husband’s View: How To Support Your Wife’s Entrepreneurship

Are you married to an entrepreneur? If you are in a relationship with a busy entrepreneur, then you should fully love and support the visions and efforts of your wife, including the challenges while subtly asserting your needs and desires. The complexities that comes with the relationship are quite interesting, but may have a natural […]

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Monat Rejuva beads – Revive and Revitalize

Revive and Revitalize – Rejuva beads Customer Review I have long hair. It is on the fine side, but I have lots of it. My hair was going through an unhealthy stage where it just didn’t look like it should. I had been trying all kinds of different products, including some of the most expensive […]

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Monat Canada Women

Monat Canada Women Empowerment And Natural Transformation The Monat Canada helps women everywhere enjoy beautiful hair and experience fulfilling lives. Keep shining when you wear the Monatitude. Gratitude comes with being grateful for everything that each member acts with sincere humility and thankfulness. Learn More About Monat The culture of empowerment among women has been […]

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Guide To Selling Monat On Social Media

Guide To Selling Monat On Social Media Guide To Selling Monat On Social Media – You can start your Monat business online and become a Market Partner for as low as $99 with a yearly renewal fee of $49.99. You will be given a stand alone starter kit and business product pack that contains about […]

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Restructuring Monat Shampoo

Restructuring Monat Shampoo With Advanced Hydrating Ingredients The restructuring Monat shampoo is a sulfate free corrective cleanser with a formula designed to rehydrate, rebuild and fortify tresses. You can reverse the signs of damage with the Restructuring Hair Care Collection of Monat. Buy Monat Products here The shampoo has a mild and creamy feel that […]

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