Review Of Self-Development Books/ Resources

When your goal is to become rich and famous, the first thing that you really need to look into is to develop the habits and mindset of the successful people who managed to find their way up on their own. Make your self open to change. In developing self-awareness, we are trying to develop an understanding about who we are that may lead to the possibility of having a fresh perspective about life and the business so you would be aware to enhance relationships with the possibility of doing things differently.

Without regularities and patterns, we are lost. Patterns help us navigate through life. As the scene changes with time and circumstance, so do our roles. We usually play different roles with different people but with business, you only show one person with one role.

I think it would be nice to read self-development books and know some proven model of reinventing self. Perseverance and dedication plus a little bit of visualization imagination pushes the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Your visualization comes with the kind of personality context you have in discovering possibilities. The human imagination is fearless but the self requires a little prodding or some pat in the back. Just reinject imagination and yes, better make it a profitable imagination.

Getting into that profitable imagination is the start of thinking differently. Once you showcase who you are and your audience believe in you, then you already got them hooked. A little bit more of consistent quality showmanship and they will establish loyalty to you.

Self-Aware Leader

Now, with the Self-Aware Leader: A Proven Model For Reinventing Yourself, I can highlight this proven mistake. It says many organizations are lulled into complacency by repeating the same pattern. It is one thing to daydream and another to envision. Reinvention is clearly the ability to merge imagination and execution. You must be able to generate action and growth with the ideas.

Personality And Human Relations

The Personality And Human Relations says the self-awareness shows who you really are. No man is an island and that means no one is exempted from the problems and challenges of life. Struggles are real and we need the skills and competence of others to complement our own. Personality development is needed for social acceptance. The better the personality of a person, the more friends and more sales! Remember that a good personality starts with a comfortable, happy and satisfied feeling.

Personality refers to the totality of a person while the effectiveness of a person depends on the way he develops his potential and makes himself useful to others. On the other hand, the emotional blocks can definitely hamper development and cause a person to recoil and refuse the new situation.

The Power Of Understanding Yourself

They say attitude is everything for success and this is how successful people win. The thoughts we generate give out emotional reactions that impact behavior and emotional drama. Trying to change your attitude would mean a shift of your point of view, beliefs and even language. The book of The Power Of Understanding Yourself says that the brain works quite effectively without supervision. Years can pass and you still haven’t examined your thoughts. Know that a person has far more influence over reality that you ever realized.

Personality Development And Soft Skills

Self-awareness is the art of deeply understanding your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Your perception of yourself leads to self-image, which is formed from self-awareness, self-esteem and self-belief. Indeed, self-perception is a valued currency. It helps us understand why we are reacting to certain situations. The Personality Development And Soft Skills says that adaptability is needed to change the ideas or behavior in different conditions and environment or in response to prevailing circumstances.

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Outsmart Your Smartphone

Most people turn to their smartphone for everything. Phones can either be a comfort or distraction in our lives. We let smartphones determine how we spend time. However, when we think about what’s happening, we are unable to focus our minds at present and what is happening right in front of us. The Outsmart Your Smartphone asked us to reflect on how we use technology. Technologies have been increasingly designed to hook you in a superficial and short lived emotional comfort or satisfaction. Try taking a time out be at present.

Awareness In Action

The Awareness In Action says that to make sense about self in relation to others often requires self-reflection and self-awareness. To go beyond the social façade, you need to enhance self-awareness in search of the authentic self. Being authentic improves the quality of interaction and help you move forward at a time with business relationships. Self-awareness requires feedback, persistence, practice and risk taking.

Do self help books really help? Common themes of self-help books are personal growth, personal relations and coping with stress. Audiobooks can be a great way to listen and learn especially when you are spending too much time driving around the city. Here are additional self help books you might want to read

  1. The Power Of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  2. Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress Free Productivity
  3. How To Win Friends And Influence People
  4. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Self-development resources can be just one site for me and that would be TED. Just choose the speakers and their topic. I listen to it when necessary. It means, when you lack something in life, you seek for an inspiration and listen to it with all your heart and mind. That is how I learn things.

Self-awareness to work on self-development is not easy. The journey can get bumpy, lengthy and sometimes not achieved. It is about improving your relationship with yourself so you can improve your relationship with other people. When you improve your relationship with yourself, people are then naturally drawn to you!

What if we translate that to business? Isn’t it great to draw people naturally to you? You live better with a steadily increasing income stream. That is a guarantee. So how do you draw people naturally to you? Always start with yourself through self-development!

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