Spotlights Of Other Women/ Couples Entrepreneurs (NOT In Direct Sales)

When a woman identifies something she wants, she will definitely spend time and energy to make it work. Yes, that is right. Women get a vision and never stop working on their goals until they get what they want or at least run the business even with baby steps. There is no need for an inspirational talk because once women set their attention on something, they won’t stop until they get it.

Women are great leaders and they are very good at making people see their destination. It seems that what women want is activated from within. Besides, they do not do anything by themselves. They always connect with women who cares about their passion or would listen to them talking about what they do.

Women always see their struggles as part of life’s trials and take the challenges with feelings of awe and gratitude. Although they usually feel overwhelmed, they still work hard to make the process less taxing. Women are more open into learning things by joining the team and watch how they do their businesses.

You can’t just beat women. They will find a way to make anything work. Here are the spotlights

Laurie Gray of The Pie Bar

She fought for her passion and left her career in banking to pursue selling pies. After 2 years, she sold her stake in the business and went back to work again in the corporate world. Fast forward, she lost her job and went to open The Pie Bar. The moral lesson she always tells people is that if you quit, you’ll never know what you can accomplish.

Melissa Butler of The Lip Bar

Melissa Butler was determined to find the right mix of ingredients for her lipstick formula. Because she got a day job on Wall Street, she experimented in the kitchen at night after work. Stalked cosmetic chemist on LinkedIn and asked them specific questions. What made her success is to find a lipstick color that complements her skin tone. At first, she offered vegan lipsticks in bold shades that led to the founding of The Lip Bar brand.

She stalked people, asked questions and got her answers. She was determined to get her lipstick color and experimented every night literally cooking in her kitchen. She used LinkedIn and she was very persistent in emailing and reaching out to the right vendors and customers.

Kelly Bayett of the Barking Owl

Kelly left her job and founded the Barking Owl, which is a music and sound company. The Barking Owl started voice over acting to scoring feature films. She did everything with a straightforward approach and with full heart. As a result, she brought the greatest talents and popular clients like the Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Toyota and Coca-Cola.

Alexandra Waldman of the Universal Standard

Alexandra wanted to make fashion accessible to everyone offering sizes from 00 to 40. She believed it is not just about sizes, but also about style and variety. In fashion, you just have to think outside the box and watch the plight of large women expressing dissatisfaction not being able to look as wonderful as the smaller women. She successfully built a brand that markets Americas plus-size women apparels.

Danielle Sabrina of the Tribe Builder Media

Danielle thought that working 9 to 5 is not the only way to earn money. She allowed her employees to tell what times work for them while she figured out how to integrate their schedules. She promoted a different work culture that is more on positivity and uplifting energy. She believes that kindness makes people more efficient. Making it work both sides was quiet a smart move because she would never know what people are going through.

1 16 - Spotlights Of Other Women/ Couples Entrepreneurs (NOT In Direct Sales)

Bobbi Brown of the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

When she started making lipsticks, someone told her the world does not need another cosmetic company. She ignored the advice and her Bobbi Brown Cosmetics grew into a billion dollar makeup company.

Sarah Jones of Miss Jones Baking Co.

Sarah’s gut feeling told her there’s an untapped market for organic baking. She pursued the idea and is now being sold at Amazon. The experience of spending four years just to convince a manufacturer to produce her products made her realize that repetition and the practice of overcoming failure and challenges builds up persistence, which helps you keep going forward.

Melanie Perkins is Cofounder and CEO of Canva

The purpose of canvas was to help anyone, anywhere create and publish professionally designed materials with any level of design knowledge. The idea was to empower the entire world. Even myself uses Canva.

Audrey Gelman of The Wing

The Wing was launched in 2016 to bring women focused coworking spaces. Now, the members are fast growing around the globe and plans to launch a LinkedIn style platform. The design team was made up of women who used the platform to share experiences such as space amenities and café menu information. The amazing feature of this group was their motto: When women gather, we go further, faster, together.

Claire Wasserman of the Ladies Get Paid

The idea was to help women swap career advice and grew it into a trusted brand with workshops focused in negotiating salaries and more. Claire faced crippling legal lawsuits, but made a little turnaround when she started crowdfunding. The experience made her realize the context of vulnerability and asking other women for help.

Arielle Charnas of the Something Navy

The Something Navy first fashion collaboration with Nordstrom took less than 24 hours to sell out in 2017. She started a fashion blog that turned into a lifestyle brand and made her raised millions of sales online. Today, she is telling people to pick the right people and make sure they are happy. That strategy is very important in motivating your people and growing your business.

Emily Kennedy of the Marinus Analytics

She wanted to help sex trafficking victims and made the search shorter. The tool became a cutting edge technology in solving crimes. It came from an act of compassion, asking the pain points of detectives and then developing a software that would help solve crimes and find the girls.

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