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How A Life Of Time Freedom Can Benefit Your Family And Community - ItsaGoodDay.Org


How A Life Of Time Freedom Can Benefit Your Family And Community

Live on a set goal of dollars per month and let your minimalist lifestyle decision take you to a lifetime of financial freedom soon than you can imagine. By minimizing your expenses and finding side hustles to increase your income, you will realize that following a stand alone minimalism lifestyle concept is indeed a very powerful discipline and method that would help you achieve financial freedom in near five to ten years.

The concept of financial freedom is fairly easy to understand because we often linked it to happiness, wealth and time flexibility. Just the thought of not living paycheck to paycheck can be such a relief!

Financial independence means the privilege to choose however you would like. It speaks the intimate relationship between time and money. The freedom to choose how you spend your time and what you do with your money are two very specific defining characteristics of financial independence.

You experience and gain a lot of benefits when you work on a flexible schedule. The time freedom allows you to meet family needs and personal obligations. Depending on how you prefer to work and spend your time, if you have a child, your child care hours and costs may relatively reduce over time especially if you work from home.

You gain more control over your time and working environment plus gain the privilege to work on hours you feel that would best fit your energy cycles. Take note that your gas, meals at the office and other overhead cost may lessen when you work remotely anywhere.

You save money not being able to commute to work and chase rush hour travel whether by train, bus or car. In fact, the money you save on your travel time and gas may help pay for your utility bills.

As the idea of being caught in a traffic jam commuting from home to office and vice versa can be stressful, you would be promoting mental health when you reduce the time spent on the street.

time freedom - How A Life Of Time Freedom Can Benefit Your Family And Community

Flexibility gives you the power to be on the job when you feel your best as well as approach the role in a more positive way. Once you have organized your work time around your personal commitments, you not only attain a good work/life balance, but you are also going to reduce your carbon footprint on a daily basis.

Reducing the use of energy and carbon footprint is also beneficial to the community as a whole. No commute means lesser cars on the road and reduced pollution.

Flexible work can mean moving a 9 to 5 time based work to a working anywhere and anytime task based job. Now, you can adapt your schedule to fit family needs and social life demands.

Know that results matter more than the time and the number of hours you produce them. Flexible schedules with its remote options increase productivity in a lot of ways. Besides, happiness is contagious and so in stress. You feel happy. You feel less stress.

In fact, parents with lower stress levels are able to spread the emotions to their children. Family members with less stress levels are happier and are able to maintain better relationships with family, friends and the community.

In a flexible working environment with a flexitime arrangement, you benefit a working environment focused on improving work-life balance that supports the lifestyle. Shift your time and attention. Create your own freedom lifestyle business.

 To get rich slowly, you have to decide to stop working for someone else’s dreams. Work on your passion and choose a business you can work from anywhere. The goal is to be free to do anything at anytime!

Owning a business can be either a joy or friend. To experience freedom and have control is priceless. Focus on how you can help people and your community.

When you are in control of your time and income, you would want to maximize your potential and of course, boost your business. This is perfect to spend some hours working on a new business idea, projects or products away from your regular work.

Not only does it create side gigs that may increase your income, but creating volunteer programs have a huge positive impact to the community and your family. It gives them the opportunity to work on a number of projects that will drive them to the new realm of innovation, including developing their own business skills too.

Time freedom means many things but the core concept is still work anywhere, anytime and with anyone. The freedom to choose what you work on and how and where it can be done can make it much easier to create a startup company out of that side gig.

There are many types of gig workers such as the free agents, casual earners and financially strapped. Each of these workers seek temporary or contract work for different reasons.

Individual freedom is generally free time meant to maximize human potential which is the link between leisure and financial freedom. The impact of time and money freedom can be internalized and made possible with a good workable plan.

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in your family and in your community isn’t that far. Although you need to stay focused on providing leadership, you can be on your way to starting the best startup communities that may have the potential to thrive organically.

Recognize that there are a number of barriers when it comes to startups such as gathering feeders and providing intellectual, emotional and functional leadership for the community. If you do not have time freedom, then you wouldn’t have the smallest time to even organize a single activity.

Another economic effect of time freedom, side gigs, entrepreneurship and startups is the network effect. A geographic concentration yields further advantage for the community.

Network effects operate in systems where a member or any addition of it tends to enhance the network of existing users. This network is more useful should you be able to connect and invite more users.

Network effects make co-location more valuable and better leveraged by a community with a culture of information sharing across networks. Creative class may start to pop up and attracts more creative class individuals to the community, thus making the area more valuable and attractive.

A community or location that hits the virtuous cycle will start to enjoy a competitive geographic advantage over places and at the same time, attract a significant number of creative class individuals. And the chain continues…

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