How To Spend More Time With Your Family While Growing Your Business?

When it comes to kids and family, how much time and how you spend your time with them matters. According to research, healthy families make time for each other such as helping each other cope with challenges, talking and listening, accepting differences, showing emotional support and sharing chores. Quality time spent with the family gives the kids a sense of belongingness and security.

Spending family time is important so you can connect with love, create strong bonds between relationships and also, inculcate family values. Family time is extremely important because parenting needs to teach the kids values so we all have to make time to talk and listen.

A very special relationship bonded with trust and intimacy develops when we connect better with our growing kids. Parental involvement in the lives of our kids and in their learning is necessary in developing positive behavior and attitudes including getting superior grades and test scores.

Make fun times together. Share ideas and of course, share what is happening in each other’s lives. Build a strong family unit that would stand and stick through tough times by spending more time together.

Children grow up. They would leave the house sooner than we even expect it. Never waste time. Kids know about family values and relationships based from what they witnessed and from our relationships with them and with the other members of the family.

And yes, this fight for work-life balance is very popular among entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, how do you balance your time between your business and your family?

With a growing business right in front of you and a bunch of kids needing your attention, you need to participate in all aspects of the growth of your kids while you throw yourself into the business.

Juggling your time could mean getting burnout at some point in time. Here are some ways you can spend more time with your family.

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Cut the waste

As much as possible, cut all waste out of your life, such as the travel time. You can find a new home nearer to your office to make this happen or ask to work from home at least 2 to 3 times a week if possible.

Lunch time

Spend some lunch dates with the kids or the family to ensure you are getting enough quality time together.

Work late nights

Whenever you bring your work home, avoid doing it during family time. Work on it when the kids are already sleeping. Or you can work the other way around, wake up early and do it while they are still sleeping.

Business talk

You can’t just leave business at work. It follows you anywhere. You can share your day with the family so they get to share their day’s activities too. Besides, sharing your day helps relieve the stress off your back.


Running a business is not easy and you must admit you cannot be in two places at the same time. Do not push yourself too hard or you will get crazy sick.

Owning a business and managing it requires time, lots of it!  Balance is the key. Create a stimulating work environment and settle in with your workspace at home. Delegate or outsource some work that you feel can make you get things done quickly and efficiently.

Use apps and tools online

You may use apps and tools online to get everything going. You can stay on touch while on the go or be with your family while you work using cloud. Entrepreneurs work to fulfill a passion and gain more control over time.

However, they work more hours than any average employee. Because you have the freedom to create flexible time, you can schedule working around your kids’ schedule.

Share task

You can share tasks with your team and get more free time for yourself so you can spend it around your family. You cannot run your business 24/7 alone.

Lawn mowing

Pay someone to mow your lawn and spend time with your kids instead of cleaning the yard. You have to set boundaries and work smarter. Get as much free time as you can as much as possible. Prioritize family time above other schedules and menial tasks.


Take vacations. Do it regularly so you can have time to focus only on each other. A happy family requires happy parents and kids spending fun times together.


Focus on parenting. Be successful in your business but not on the expense of your family. Growing a business may put some strain on the family and your inner circle of friends relationships.

Personal assistant

Hire one to do some grocery errands or help with some easy tasks. This way you do not feel overwhelmed. If you are determined to grow your business, then hire a great team that can help you every step of the way.


Use a calendar to chart and note your activities. Forgetting your commitments is not good for the business or of the family. Share your calendar with your family and with your team.

There are shared calendar apps you can use to collaborate with your colleagues or team. There are free plans and there are free trials. Pick one with best timeline features that shows every piece of the project as well as help you track changes.


Build a system and simplify the process. Communicate, plan, manage and schedule. Get the right technology and let everyone know of their role in the business.

When your team works well together, everything should be able to run smoothly. A process in place can help keep you stay organize and ensures the work is getting done right.

How you do your work is as important as the result. Find better ways to do things and always look for ways to make some improvements.


Learn from your mistakes and pay attention how you do the task. Declutter your desk and create a home for everything. Organization is everything. Do not allow to get buried under piles of paperwork.

Get yourself more space to work. Declutter and get organized as much as possible. This will save you lots of time finding files.

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