Current Trends In Direct Sales

Keeping up your day to day marketing tactics and analytics can’t be that difficult only if you know how to identify the market trends of your specific industry for long term business planning. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to move with the ever changing times and align the general direction of your goals using a business strategy map.

Business entrepreneurs are always busy with themselves and sometimes do not have the time to read through anything interesting and related with their products or services. Keeping track of what’s going on and what the competitors are doing to reach their target is extremely important.

At present, business entrepreneurs make sure they have access to analytics tools and systems for the legwork. The tools and apps nowadays are user friendly and will help you understand the marketplace in a more indepth manner.

Although digital analytics help discover trends, it still pays to talk and listen to your customers. Chat with your existing and potential customers online through social media so you are able to learn about their pressure points and at the same time, discover how your business can help find solutions.

Trend 1

The most common trend in direct sales is messaging potential customers in LinkedIn and Facebook. Business entrepreneurs pay virtual assistants to find the target buyers and then give them a script to message everyone on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Trend 2

People are now setting up business pages on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as posting their services and products in Facebook Marketplace. With free access, the Facebook Marketplace has been increasing its popularity.

Trend 3

Social media marketing is very popular now and the competition to gain the 8 second attention of anyone has been a constant challenge for the marketers. In fact, many are using video and creative graphics to gain traction with their contacts.

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Trend 4

Business entrepreneurs are keeping track of industry influencers and using them to endorse their products and services. Marketing moves at the speed of light. Traditional marketing is dead. You have to connect with someone known by many online and then see if what they are doing are related to your service or industry. Influencers transformed the way businesses attract, connect with and market nowadays.

Trend 5

Keeping in touch with change isn’t enough. People want to see what you do and most businesses started vlogging on YouTube as well as doing streaming on Facebook. All businesses now focus on content marketing.

Trend 6

Webinars are trending. This is very effective for coaches and consultants. It is a very good means to introduce your brand or service offerings. You do not need to hire an expert for the webinar. You can do it alone using some apps or even Facebook live streaming.

Trend 7

The battle is not online only. Businesses use taxis for their small banners. Good idea, right? The passenger sits at the back and stare right at your banner place at the back of the seat in front of them.

Trend 8

Instagram is soaring in popularity but because of the difficulty to create good graphics with text on phones, more people are hanging out on Pinterest.

Trend 9

If the cost of working with a widely popular influencer is expensive, then you can opt to work with a micro-influencer which is cheaper. When working with micro-influencer who has found his niche in the social media world, it would be best to just let them do the content so it would be consistent with the voice. This is the newest trend most businesses are doing nowadays to boost brand awareness.

Trend 10

AIs are trending, such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. Instead of catering to the manual search algorithm, you may consider optimizing your content by framing around questions. Users can ask questions in a conversational tone and you can create high quality, accurate responses by looking up quickly on the internet.

Direct selling companies are well positioned to foster intimacy using technologies that can help establish, maintain and amplify consumer connections. Many are recruiting freelancers, moms who work from home, boomers with the ability to work on and off and the last, college students for side gigs.

Sales and marketing managers are now into leveraging social channels for brand awareness as well as using them to encourage personal recommendations. Flexibility and consistency are the key. Businesses tailor their offerings and communications to highlight their unique propositions.

Sales trends are indicative of the industry’s sales patterns that consumers follow over a certain period of time. Apparently, businesses can do better customer retention when they follow emerging sales trends.

The best way to discover sales trends is to segment your customers so you can note their purchase behaviors. Sometimes, your market may move faster than your business.

Peer groups or forums are going to rise again because of the need of most people for genuine human interaction. These forums are the perfect place to find that perfect connection. The internet has really transformed how we live, work and buy things from this day onwards!

We are looking at a future where the simplest of sales actions and business processes are already performed in the cyber space. Even the submission of application and interviews are done online. Signing of PDFs are also done online. Everything is fast becoming digital.

Direct sales are now looking into sharing more personalized experiences that can resonate their target consumers specific needs and pressures. Custom video recordings of vloggers are much easier to relate with than expensive scripted marketing videos.

Another way is to find ways how businesses can deliver the product to the doors of their consumers in real time. The trend of convenience sending everything to the comforts of the buyers’ homes makes life easier for them. Who does not want to get pampered with an A1 service?

Shopping is normal and mostly done out of necessity. The preferred shops nowadays are the online shops. Affiliate programs are on the rise but needs to know how to build their own sales funnel.

Different personalities show different interests and ways of choosing and getting what they want. At this time, socializing is the best way to connect with people and boost brand reach with the lowest budget.

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