What Is Time Freedom And How Do You Get It?

Embracing time freedom means taking total control of your time and resources. Time freedom is the freedom to actually do what you like to do with your time. Imagine owning your hours 24 hours a day! Read a book anytime, stay on your bed longer and decide whatever comes next.

Living life is something like breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide with a smile, which means spending time the way you desire. Free time is the most precious and most sought after commodity of all time. Simply sit down and think how you exactly can get your life back.

Your choice is definitely your one chance for freedom and happiness. Make a decision about what you really want and then decide about the things that can make you really happy.

I am sure that you would also agree to this. One of the most important freedom is time. Remember, that time is the only thing in life you can never replace. Time freedom is a process, but it is doable and you can get there!

As you work toward a life with fewer compromises, you might be able to find a job or side hustle that may not pay the most at the start but gives you the most being your own boss. Imagine what a perfect day would look like as you visualize every detail of freedom and flexibility you have.

Life changing time freedom is like creating a schedule that allows plenty of time for yourself and with others despite the busy work projects. Time freedom also means in many ways being debt free. Here are some tips you can think work out to live a life of freedom

1 Live a cash only life. Make sure you do not use much your credit card. When you buy something you cannot pay right away on due date, then you are obligating yourself in the future to pay for it plus the interest.

The biggest danger of using a credit card is that it grows too fast and you end up struggling to pay for it. Carrying large balances on your credit card can definitely put a huge strain on your finances.

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2 Stay healthy. Take the stairs or walk at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. Although greater amounts of exercise can help you lose weight and maintain your health, you can at least reduce your siting time each day.

The more hours you sit each day, the higher your risk for developing metabolic problems. A regular exercise is best for healthy aging. The minimum amount is 2 ½ hours of moderate intensity aerobic exercise a week. Even short but intense burst of exercise offers some benefits.

3 Declutter. Get rid of the things you do not need and learn how to organize yourself. Hanging on to things you do not need may make it difficult for you to implement change. Remove the clutter fast. The more you buy, the more you build clutter. Only buy what you need for now.

Clean up one item at a time. See the flaw and learn how to optimize your space. Donate dresses that clog up the space in your wardrobe. You can even sell preloved clothes in eBay. If you do not have any use of these stuffs, then get rid of them.

 4 Stay away from toxic people. Remember that you would be the average of whom you spend the most time with. Get your work done and stay away from gossip and choose not to spend your time with toxic people. That would be freedom from stress. Being with these kinds of people will surely turn you into a toxic person. There is no freedom down that road.

5 Start a side hustle and free yourself from the 9 to 5 life. Maintain a great lifestyle when you reach retirement age. Slow down a bit and maybe do everything from the comfort of your home. Do you want to work less? At midlife, you can start a side gig and maybe network online using social media.

6 Manage your money well. Manage your finances well, so you do not have to spend the rest of your life working too much each day. Money is freedom because it allows you to do whatever you want and go to wherever you like.

Have you ever thought of making work optional? Money = Time = Freedom. Your primary goal is to follow your passion, but have enough money so you do not need to work hard for it. Make work an option and live the life you want to live!

If you feel stuck and overwhelmed, then you need to have a plan to actually achieve your dream. Being free of pressure and just stay relaxed with no consequences if the best time freedom you can have in your life.

Consider training your brain with nourishing habits during the first half hour after you wake up. Nourish your soul each morning without judgement and no attachment. Just start with it and experience the change!

This is the time you can redesign your life and start over. You train your brain to get work done. Reset the next day. The key to growing a business and achieving time freedom is investing with your mind and body first.

Time freedom would mean doing the work you love without someone actually telling you how much effort you need to make even one dollar. Success allows people to focus on what matters most and that would be being around the people you love. We all know that the leading cause of divorce is money issues.

Take control of your life and relationships by eliminating debt and spending more time with family. If you desire freedom, you should be able to thrive financially and at least own your own business.

Financial and time freedom creates mental freedom which leads to better relationships and less stress thus eliminating depression and negativity. Be connected with committed, like minded people. Be around talented, driven people. Create a plan and achieve time freedom.

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