A Husband’s View: How To Support Your Wife’s Entrepreneurship

Are you married to an entrepreneur? If you are in a relationship with a busy entrepreneur, then you should fully love and support the visions and efforts of your wife, including the challenges while subtly asserting your needs and desires. The complexities that comes with the relationship are quite interesting, but may have a natural pattern.

You look for similarities in your situation with other couples so you can learn how to communicate your thoughts and achieve your desired outcome. The entrepreneur wife brings a unique set of gifts that are easy to spot with the relationship which are usually in the form of generosity, enthusiasm and devotion.

However, gifts are not without challenges. The key here is to accept your entrepreneur wife with all her gifts and challenges. To fully complement the relationship, you must know how to assert your desires.

Your wife may be working so much so never ask the question why she is doing it. Owning a business is not an ordinary thing. Everything rests with your wife so try not to make too much demands!

In this economy, customers are truly difficult to find. Entrepreneurs have little tolerance for negativity. They do not need your negative opinions to add to their fears and worries.

The least you can do is support her in bringing more customers. Never say that she cares more of her business than you or even let her here you complaining she spends less time with you because as you put yourself in line with the business competition, everyone else loses this way.

1 - A Husband's View: How To Support Your Wife's Entrepreneurship

The biggest turn off is when you insist buying something like a spoiled brat because you feel entitled on your entrepreneur’s checkbook. This is a surefire way to make her think you are now chasing the money she is making from the business. Clearly, maintaining a peaceful relationship all lies in the approach. Learn how to graciously express yourself.

If you can see everything on your partner’s context and perspective, you may be able to keep connected and make the relationship stay less stressful as possible! That means, before you say anything, you should mind your words and approach to avoid unintentional and unnecessary pressure on her.

About taking a fun filled vacation, you better plan ahead and make your decision a suggestion when you talk to her about it. Choose your words carefully. This way she would be more inspired to take action on spending some time alone together.

She is her own boss practically chasing an elusive unicorn. If you are her partner, whether or not you like it, you are in for the ride. Understand that being an entrepreneur is not just anyone’s cup of tea, neither is sharing a bed with one for the rest of your earthly life.

Thanks to their drive and daring attitudes, successful entrepreneurs may achieve a celebrity like status. Try to keep these words in your mind, flexibility and adaptability as well as communication and collaboration because these words also apply to you.

To live with an entrepreneur would also mean walking in her shoes so you can envision the future she is trying to build and of course, this includes taking the risks. If you cannot do this, then you are on a tough ride!

Being flexible is one of the most admired traits that you can develop to keep the relationship followed by being supportive and being a good listener. Imagine her investing many hours a day and tons of money in the business. With the mix of the children caring plus your needs, you really need to be patient and emotionally resilient.

Stress comes with the financial blessings that you have. The hardest part being in a relationship with an entrepreneur is the unspoken expectation of availability. The best way is to get involved with her business venture and help her in any way you can.

It is a rare opportunity to be around someone with this level of drive and success. The outlet for creativity is truly inspiring. However, being in a relationship with someone who is chasing her dreams may require over the head patience, love and understanding.

Make agreements about responsibilities and when work is not allowed to interfere with family time. However, with the business world’s unpredictable demands, most kids stuff may fall on your shoulders. You need to sit down and review everything.

Set a goal and discuss how to focus on yourself and move forward with your dreams too without leaving the kids behind! Achieve a better balance by communicating and being open with everything to your partner because despite of all the planning, sometime somehow some things may be out of control.

Build your support system, but be part of her support system. Stay in contact with friends and family who can share the behind the scenes emotional setbacks brought by failures and disappointments.

How does supporting an entrepreneur exactly looks like? What you do today impacts your lifestyle, resources and relationship tomorrow. Let’s face it. Marrying an entrepreneur wife always comes with a price!

Your role in her life and with the business may change in a lot of ways tomorrow, but the essence is still the same. You need to be one patient and flexible support person without feeling being entitled to anything!

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of modern economy heroes. This path of life is not offered to just anyone. Entrepreneurs love to talk so you need to speak less and listen more when their enthusiasm levels are that high!

Never let negativity creep in with any of your sweet talks. Optimism drives success. Negativity attracts failure! This would make you the man behind her success.

Keep everything simple to keep going! Managing a business can be scary and difficult, so do not act as if you own the business and she does what you decide. Listen, share your ideas, but never demand to follow your strategy. It is her business remember.

She would value your perspective, but it doesn’t mean following what you like. A business is like a baby. There would be times it can take over both of your personal lives. Try not to make work the sole focus of your discussion. Be creative!

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