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Why Are Women So Successful At Direct Sales? - ItsaGoodDay.Org


Why Are Women So Successful At Direct Sales?

When you think of direct sales, you would want to connect it with female empowerment and successful companies like the Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay and more. Most of those who joined direct selling partnerships are overwhelmingly women. Why? Because career life with a 9 to 5 day job often makes them leave home for work. Women don’t remain single for long. They become mothers and the thought of leaving home with a toddler behind can be a difficult choice!

Women who created the direct sales targets mainly women, especially the mothers. Because direct selling evolves by building relationships and networking with people, many women prefer to work with other women they already know.

The team leaders often design get together for trainings and hands-on learning. It feels like a camaraderie get together, help one another sisterhood kind of thing for them. Direct selling is a great example of community mindedness largely with women age 35 to 55.

The system is pretty simple and easy to replicate. These direct sales companies are actually calling and encouraging women from all walks of life to step out of their homes and do some selling either online through their social media groups or by hosting home parties.

Direct sales companies are the quickest and best available option for even women with less skills that is why these organizations largely contribute to women empowerment, skill development and growth. Proven as providing additional income opportunities to a large pool of talents, they have helped women to be economically independent.

Along with the option of flexible hours, the option of working from home and selling mainly through social media is a very attractive option for women especially the mothers. They are very successful because the direct sales companies fully understand the need of women.

The companies help women enhance their sales skills and leadership styles by improving their interpersonal skills. The direct sales offers an immediate source of cash income.

We’ve seen it all. Stay at home moms are taking almost every direct sales opportunity to augment their household income, which is one reason more and more startups are using this entrepreneurial approach to the marketplace.

Multilevel marketing is very competitive and attractive because the sponsor receives commission from their own personal sales and also from the people they recruited. Sales really depends on one’s efforts and network.

1 18 - Why Are Women So Successful At Direct Sales?

Network marketing requires hard work and need to be consistent in building a business with friends and family members on social media. You have every opportunity to build up a team and move right on top of the line.

Selling products directly on a nonretail environment can be a good way to test the waters including your skills in drawing people. Most direct sales involve MLM, network marketing, one on one sales and the party model.

Persistence and patience are virtues you need to practice with direct sales. You need to talk to at least 50 people to get 5 people. Of course, you can do more whenever you build your social media marketing skills.

The better you understand the business, the more you get paid. For example, some women identify the best buyers and then focused on working with them.

Women are very good at finding reasons which become the value proposition of the product. They are not afraid and not shy to send direct messages to people because they love to connect and chat.

Know that women are responsible for about 85% of the purchases in the US. They know what they want and the price to buy for it. Women are a lot different than men because they buy and then they sell at the same time.

Women often just let the conversation run its natural course, because they are very good at reading people’s minds. They would patiently wait for you to mention or maybe lead you to mention what you need that would directly relate to the products they sell.

Although they often times buy things on their own at the spur of the moment, they do spend some time to think if they really need the product when making large purchases. But, if you win their trust, they are very loyal friends.

Women see and buy things differently. They let you take control of the conversation using a questioning strategy. The key is never to present a limited number of options.

They do juggle families and work so they know how to handle their time and acknowledge the value of your time. The bottom line is that they usually take note of the length of time that would fix a certain problem. And if it is just a matter of asking some connections, consider it done!

No doubt a woman’s selling style is different, but works better than men. They would build your confidence and then change your thinking so you would change your perception about the product. They don’t just go out and sell!

Women simply tap intuition and offer solutions that would fit any one’s expressed budget. They sell with a style that works best for them that is why they tend to close more deals.

Women are very successful with direct sales because they first build a group or network embedded with a deep sense of belongingness. They are very confident and do not make statements that sound like a question when they speak up during presentations.

When pushed back by a customer, they focused on the substance of the issue and find ways to constructively fix it. They usually remain in sales longer and achiever higher quotas.

A little push and convincing especially when it comes to finances can make many women take action and the most subtle way of showing lack of interest is simply avoidance. In fact, women continue to dominate the independent contractor male-to-female ratio of 26% male to 74% female in 2016.

The best qualities of successful women involved in direct sales are their entrepreneurial spirit’s drive for excellence and willingness to sacrifice. Their emotional flair to help other women improve their lives, especially the single moms and the abused who are struggling with domestic violence made them number one in building up a loyal network.

Women want to make a difference in their lives, but they do not do it alone. They also invite others and let the transformation of change take its place. Look at Avon. It is one of the oldest and largest companies run by so many women.

The key to their success? They first fall in love with their product and then shared that love while keeping a service mindset. They listen and they give gifts. Listening from people who are looking for something helps offer thoughtful suggestions.  

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